Stempelbeton Vertrieb. Stempelbeton and stempel beton overlay, dekorativer Beton, stencil schablonen beton und stempelbeton Formen und Stempel Beton Werkzeuge, hohe Qualitaet niedrige Preise : Stylebeton®. Hohe Qualitaet niedrige Preise stempel und Dekorputz Vertreiber. Stempel Putz vertical overlay und decorativer putz by Stylebeton® Produktionswerk. Dekorativer Beton, stempel Betonfarben Hardener, Trennpuder, Trennmittel, Betonversiegeler und Fertigputz.

Stempel Dekorbeton und Stempel Struktur Dekorputz: Style Beton®

Stempelbeton: Materialien
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Style Beton Color Hardener

STYLE BETON Color Hardeners are blended from specially selected aggregates and Portland cements. They are polymer modified to improve their wear characteristics and are through colored using only German Bayer mineral oxide pigments to ensure a non-fading color that is streak free in application.

Style Thinner

Is a mixture of solvents particularly suitable to dilute the sealers Style Sealer and Style Sealer Color. 

Style Beton Release Powder

Style Beton Release Powders are produced using a high concentration of German Bayer mineral oxide pigments. They are streak free in use and offer clean mat separation  and subsequent pronounced antiquing effects.

Style Beton Fibers

Poliprophylens filaments at elevated molecular weight; the fibers to appear a regular and uniform aspect , without ramifications and fibrillations. The nominal diameter is around 18 micron, the weight is of 2,2 gr for 10 km of single filament ( around 150.000.000 of fibers by 18mm in one bag by 600gr). The Fibers are very strong to acids and to alkals, is perfectly stable to ultraviolet rays, to bacteria and muffs; have a good adhesion to cement thanks to chemical bonds that develop.

Decorative Concrete Stamps

Stamps for stamped concrete floors, suitable for the treatment of concrete. Available in a wide variety of patterns, creating the physical form of stone, brick, wood. It is available in 70 patterns.

Style Beton Sealer

The Style Sealers  are appropriate for cement floorings and coverings, industrial floorings, stamped flooring,  spray flooring, overlay floorings and acid stain floorings. They are all pure acrylic-based resins in virgin solvents for improved clarity and anti-yellowing characteristics. Ideal for stamped concrete, industrial floors, stencil spray concrete, overlay concrete, deco pebble floors, acid stain concrete.

Style Liquid Release Agent

It is a liquid release agent used on the surface of Style Overlay to facilitate the molding creating a separating membrane between the concrete and stamps.

Antique Liquid Release

It is a liquid that is passed on surfaces Style Concrete Overlay and gives a two-tone on the floor and the appearance of natural stone.